Debandada si haosul stapanesc in orasele din estul Ukrainei! Oameni rapiti, disparuti, lideri locali autoproclamati, etc!

Lupul Dacic

Donetsk: Eastern Ukraine descends into chaos, lawlessness

Armed pro-Russian separatists descend on a military academy which houses weapons in Donetsk on May 6. Many in Ukraine and abroad believe the Kremlin is orchestrating the unrest in the nation’s southeast. 

DONETSK, Ukraine – Ukrainian military forces have gained ground in the flashpoint cities of Kramatorsk and Sloviansk in Donetsk Oblast over the past week, but government authorities in general have largely lost their grip in the tough industrial oblast, home to 10 percent of Ukraine’s population of 45 million.

 Pro-Russian separatists have captured strategically important buildings and claimed to have installed their own “people’s governments,” whose representatives are preparing to hold a referendum on independence from Ukraine on May 11 contravention of Ukraine’s constitution.

Amid the lawlessness stoked by the Kremlin, police here have vanished, replaced by pro-Russian Donetsk People’s Republic’s law enforcers. A hotline residents can call to report incidents…

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